Kitchen Units Specification

kitchen unit specThe kitchen units that we supply are quite simply an amazing specification compared to what you will find in High Street and DIY chains. In fact our units match or exceed the quality you would see in a high end German kitchen showroom.

Of course all this quality comes at a price, one which you would be surprised to find is more often than not cheaper than the generic flatpack you would get elsewhere.

We believe in supplying great quality at a fantastic price, rather than sticking huge margins on poor quality cabinets like a lot of our competitors do. For us, quality starts with a quality carcass for a traditional or a modern kitchen .

Putting high spec kitchen doors on a generic flat pack carcass is a sure route to a disappointing result and not something Kitchens4DIY would ever do.

Specification At A Glance

18mm Egger Melanine Faced Chipboard (MFC)
18mm solid backs
2mm fully bonded ABS front edges
Over 200 finishes at no extra cost
Twin top rails for additional strength
Rigid glue and dowel construction
Blum ClipTop hinges with integrated BluMotion soft close
Blum straight mounting plates
Hettich ArciTech soft close drawer boxes
5 year guarantee

Our 5 Year Guarantee

Our kitchen units come with a 5 year guarantee against manufacturers defects. However, if you look after them you can expect our kitchen carcasses to easily last 20+ years. In fact, only a fraction of a percent of our kitchen units ever have a problem.

We don't offer a guarantee knowing we'll have to replace several kitchen units and build that cost into our prices. We've built quality and strength in from the outset and can confidently offer a guarantee knowing that our customers are never going to have to use it.

Why Are Rigid Units Better?

There are many benefits to rigid kitchen carcasses that all add to the quality of your kitchen. The main benefit is that they are inherantly much stronger than flat pack units. You can fit granite / quartz worktops without having to add strengthening panels between the units.

The construction method means that the units retain their shape throughout their lifetime, whereas the cams and fixings in flat pack can work loose as you use your kitchen which means your doors start to go out of alignment.

Rigid units are a massive time saver versus flat pack. There's no spending hours or even days assembling units before you can start to fit your kitchen, you can get started immediately.

All your hinge plates, drawer runners and boxes are pre-fitted which guarantees that they are correct.

Your carcass is built for a specific purpose, unlike flat pack ones which are often universal and have additional holes drilled so that it can take a door on the left or right, or up to 5 sets of drawer runners etc.

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Kitchen Unit Specification

The kitchen units that we supply are quite simply an amazing specification compared to what you will find in High Street and DIY chains.