Finding A Kitchen Fitter

It has never been easier to find a good kitchen fitter to install your new kitchen.

Nowdays things are a lot safer than just picking a name out of the Yellow Pages and hoping that the fitter is up to the job. There are lots of websites that specialise in helping you the right fitter and that allow you to view feedback / reviews of their previous work.

There are many advantages to finding your own kitchen fitters:

There's kitchen company taking a cut of fitting costs Independant fitters are often not VAT registered You can get multiple quotes and pick the best price
The fitter works for YOU and YOU have control
You can check the quality of their previous work

If you're having building work done it is also worth asking your building contractor to include fitting the kitchen in their quote.


The Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installers are the professional body for Kitchen Fitters.

All members are vetted, reference checked, and must have at least 3 years experience. They are also required to adhere to a srict code of conduct.

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Trust Mark

Trust Mark is a government endored standard for local tradespeople. Fitters are vetted, have had their work inspected and must have suitable techincal and customer service skills / practices.

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Check A Trade

One of the largest commercial site's for finding suitable trades. They run background checks on members before allowing them to be listed and have a code of conduct in place that they expect members to adhere to.

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Keep Control of YOUR Kitchen

Some tradespeople may try and convice you to source your kitchen through them. This is not recommended as you will invariably not know what your kitchen actually costs and you will almost certainly get a lot lower quality product.

Some trade suppliers make it so easy for a fitter to earn extra money by adding a sometimes quite substantial margin to the price of your kitchen, and may even actively assist them in covering up the true cost of your kitchen. It's also not unheard of for a trade supplier to offer financial incentives to fitters.

By buying your kitchen independantly you retain control, you know what you are paying and you're getting the kitchen that YOU want from a lot larger range, rather than what the fitter's local trade supplier happens to supply.

Want To Fit Your Own Kitchen

If you want to fit your own kitchen that's no problem. There's a reason we're called Kitchens4DIY. If you have good DIY skills there's no reason you shouldn't fit your own kitche, indeed, there's a real sense of satisfaction from having done so.

One thing to note is that it's not a small job and it can take a week or two, expecially if you're inexperienced at fitting a kitchen. You need to plan to be without a kitchen for a week or two.

No Flatpack!

All of our kitchen units are pre-assembled and fully rigid. This saves your fitter (or you) the hassle of making up lots of flat-pack kitchen units before your kitchen can be installed.

Our cabinets use proper glue and dowel construction methods with additional reinforcement to give you a very strong unit. You won't find that things work lose over time, ruining the alignment of your doors.

Save time and hassle, and if you're paying a fitter you'll save money on fitting too.

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Kitchen Unit Specification

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